Sunbury Volunteer Fire Department

Station 40

Main Station (Station 1) Apparatus

Sunbury Station

Our old station (upper picture) built in 1957 and our new station (lower picture), built in 2009.  We moved into it in July of 2010.

Engine 40

Responding from Station 1 is Engine 40 (pictured above), a 2004 E-One pumper on an International chassis. It has a 1500 gpm top mount pump, carries 1000 gallons of water, 4 SCBA packs, 4 spare bottles, a roof ladder, a 24′ extension ladder, an attic ladder, and an assortment of other hose and hand tools. Onboard is also 1000 feet of 5-inch line and a positive pressure ventilation fan.

Tanker 41

Pictured above is our newest apparatus, Tanker 41. It is a 2018 E-One vacuum tanker mounted on an International cab/chassis with a 3500 gallon tank. It can be filled from a hydrant or by pulling a vacuum on the tank and dropping a hard suction line into a static water source. We currently have 6 dedicated water points for use by this tanker and our other 3500 gallon vacuum tanker at Station 2; 2013 sister tanker to this one. You can also pressurize the tank to speed up dumping into a drop tank, or connect the engine to this tanker with 5″ LDH and supply the engine. It carries a 3,000 gallon drop tank, an AED, 2 SCBA and 2 spare bottles. Nice improvement to our fleet.

Engine 42

Pictured above is Engine 42, a 1995 E-One pumper that we purchased from a neighboring city department. It is used as our equipment truck and carries the usual assortment of ladders (roof ladder, 24′ extension ladder and attic ladder) as well as a cut-off saw (K-12), a portable generator, and electric fan, 5 SCBA units, 5 spare air bottles, fire extinguishers and other assorted hand tools. It also carries all of our extrication equipment and tools and responds to all vehicle accidents.

Truck 43

Every fire department has it’s antique vehicle with ties to the history of the department. This truck pictured above is ours and is stationed at our main station, Station 1. Back in the mid 60’s a local Ford dealership provided a pickup to the department every year for use as a brush truck for small woods fires, brush fires, field fires, farming equipment in the field and other off highway fires. The department decided in 1969 to stop the yearly truck donation and keep the one at that time. This is Truck 43, commonly referred to as the “Chief’s Truck”. It is a 1969 F100 with a beefed up rear suspension, a 360 cubic inch motor, a four speed manual transmission with a “granny” first gear, really low gears, and only has 10,000 actual miles on it. At one time it had a 200 gallon water tank, a pump and a hose reel in the bed. The tank rusted out and due to the fear of overloading the vehicle, all of that equipment was removed from the truck. Now it serves as a utility truck to haul equipment as needed and as a parade/show truck.